Audio Shows for Illusionists

audio show

In a first of its kind podcast series, J C shares illusion knowledge, expertise and experience in a series of audio shows.


Audio Discussion on Illusionary Departures 2012

This is an audio discussion on J C Sum’s “Illusionary Departures 2012” book.

“Illusionary Departures 2012” is a treasury of original illusion designs and presentation and is the latest edition of the book that was first released in 2004. Over the last 8 years, the book has been revised, updated, expanded and is now my BIGGEST illusion book to date! It contains 35 illusions & stage routines with carefully thought out designs, methodologies and presentation plots that take into consideration motivation, logic and credibility in the performance of illusion.


How Build an Illusion Show for $500 that Can Be Performed Almost Anywhere 

Listen to this show and learn how to get a free UNPUBLISHED original illusion plan by J C – “The Blade Pyramid”

Show contents include:

  • Qualifiers & Managing Expectations
  • The Duration & Structure of the $500 Show
  • The Illusions & Act


If you enjoyed the above audio shows, check out “How to Be a World Class Illusionist”.

How to Be a World Class Illusionist

This is a 3-episode audio show (approx. 60 minutes) where J C discusses what it takes to be a world-class illusionist. You can buy it here.