Illusion Books & Plans

I offer a number of original illusion products in the form of Books, Illusion Plans, DVDs.

Some of these products are distributed by Murphy’s Magic Supplies and are available through magic dealers all over the world. However, a number of products are only available direct from me.

Buy my books/ DVDs HERE and use this Promo Code “5OFF2014” upon Checkout to receive a 5% discount off all books, sets, DVDs, plans & downloads.


This page lists all my illusion products with links for more info/ ordering.


What differentiates my books from many illusion books on the market is that all the illusion designs are modern and have detailed building plans, dimensions and materials specifications as well as presentations. You can read Frequently Asked Questions on my books here.

Illusionary Departures

“Illusionary Departures 2012” is a treasury of original illusion designs and presentation and is the latest edition of the book that was first released in 2004. Over the last 8 years, the book has been revised, updated, expanded and is now my BIGGEST illusion book to date! It contains 35 illusions & stage routines with carefully thought out designs, methodologies and presentation plots that take into consideration motivation, logic and credibility in the performance of illusion. Most importantly, the 2012 edition of the book contains an approach to base designing and fabrication that is different than traditional base building. The resultant prop is very deceptive, easier to construct, lightweight but extremely strong and durable.

Listen to an audio discussion of this book here:

Click here for more info. US$95.

Urban Illusions

“It is rare that illusionists will share the wealth of knowledge and insight that J C does in this book. For those who wish to use illusions in their work this book is simply invaluable.

“Urban Illusions” is a much-needed collection of modern illusions for today’s audiences and J C provides an essential new voice in the area of illusion design.”

– Franz Harary

“Urban Illusions” explains 10 cutting edge illusions that are modern in design, building methods and materials. There are no conceptual illusions, ideas or notions detailed in the book; only practical and prototyped illusions that can be built. This book details the methods and detailed building plans for some of my most well known illusions such as “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “Revollusion”.

Click here for more info. US$90.

Equilateral 3

This is the 3rd & final edition of my third professional illusion book and it contains innovative illusion solutions to illusions with cars, motorcycles, steel plates and illusion boxes.

There are 13 illusions detailed in this book including “Ultimate Full Throttle”, my final improved design for the surrounded motorcycle production as well as three car appearances in the form of “The Phantom Car Appearance”, “Bluff Appearance” and “Light Pillars”. The new “Light Pillars” production system is a stunning production that requires a proper stage with lighting. But, if you work on a theatre, showroom or cruise stage, this is great way to instantly produce a large object like a car, motorcycle or a cast of dancers.

Click here for more info. US$125.


Illusionism Product Image

“Illusionism” details eight original illusions and stage routines for mentalism shows, complete with full presentations, full-colour illustrations and building plans. It offers an alternative fresh perspective of presenting mentalism. The routines in the book demonstrate how illusion methods and principles can be combined with mentalism methods to create unique stage routines.

Who will benefit from this work?

  • Mentalists looking to add scale and large-scale effects to their show
  • Magicians interested in an alternative perspective & approach to presenting mental magic
  • Illusionists looking to add variety and unique illusion presentations to their show
  • Magicians new to both mentalism and illusions and are looking for interesting plots in magic

“Illusionism” is only available as an e-book available from here. US$40.

Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition (2-Vol Set)

This “Vault Edition” contains the latest versions of my entire collection of illusions detailed in my professional illusion book trilogy, “Illusionary Departures”, “Equilateral” and “Urban illusions”, as well as brand new ones!

In addition, all the stage acts & illusions detailed in “Illusionism” are included in this collection. As a bonus, the method of my mega illusion, “The Impossible Teleportation” is also outlined at the end of the book along with a discussion on creating a mega stunt.

Two Volume Book Set. Total of 425 pages. Wire Spiral Bound.

Click here for more info. US$325.
This is currently only available direct from me.

Corporate Illusions Made Easy

Corporate Illusions Made Easy

This is a brand new book (to be released in Nov 2013) written for the working corporate magician or illusionist. From making corporate executives appear, producing new products, launching corporate logos and staging motivational stunts, the illusions in the book are simple to build, effective in design and practical to stage in non-traditional performance environments.

All illusions are professional level effects and take into account realistic budgets, size, logistics, venue and staging constraints typical of corporate events. Best of all, no prior illusion knowledge is necessary to understand, build and execute the illusions.

Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows


Are you a kids or family entertainer looking for more stage props and illusions beyond the dependable classics such as the square circle, dove pan, tip over trunk, drawer box and Zig Zag Girl? Are you looking for a Harry Potter-themed illusion?

From making a birthday cake appear to changing giant cereal boxes into an aquarium full of live fish, the illusions routines, presentations and designs are contemporary and relevant for today’s audience.

All the illusions are detailed with fully illustrated building plans and dimensions. Designed for the working performer, the illusions are practical and pack small/ flat for easy transport.

Click here for more info. US$45.

Simple Showstoppers

Simple Showstoppers

All the illusions in this book can be built easily and inexpensively (under $500 each) but are presentable enough for a professional show. None of the illusions are made from cardboard!

This book is a fantastic introduction to the world of modern grand illusion but also contains inexpensive illusion ideas for experienced illusionists.

Click here for more info. US$35.
This is currently only available direct from me.

Specialty Illusions

Specialty Illusions Set

This is a three-in-one book comprising of three of my specialty illusion books that focus on simple but effective illusions for magicians to build and perform.

Click here for more info. US$125.
This is currently only available direct from me.

Beyond the Stage Lecture Notes


The 2012 edition of “Beyond the Stage” was written specifically for magicians looking for opportunities to showcase their magic at a professional high level. This modestly-priced set of lecture notes will take you beyond the stage of magic techniques, tricks, secrets and methods and offer a solid foundation for you to launch your own show and career.

Topics detailed in the notes include:

  • Magic’s Greatest Secret Revealed
  • Building a Professional Show
  • Performing Magic for Money
  • Basic Promotional Tools for Magicians
  • Presenting Magic for TV
  • The Magic Revolution and Differentiating Yourself & Your Magic

If you have not read any of my work before (although there are lots of articles in this website alone!), this is a good first insight into my mind.

The lecture notes is available as a printed book (US$20) or as a PDF (US$15).
This is currently only available direct from me.

The Event Magician Vol 1 & 2

The Event Magician

I consider these my most important books and the biggest contributions back to magic. The information in these books will save you time, money and effort and help you kick start your commercial career as an illusionist.

Vol 1 is a detailed guidebook on producing a stage show specially for an event setting. However, all stage craft and techniques apply to most standard performing conditions. In fact, it is my belief that if you can consistently successfully perform in challenging event conditions, you can be successful in most “show-friendly” environments. This book was also written for the modern magician in mind. It covers all aspects of performing magic at events including understanding the nature of events, choosing material, planning the show, formatting the show, designing the staging, ensuring technical support, packing & transporting the show. There is a specific chapter dedicated to the Event Illusion Show.

Vol 2 focuses on the business side of being a magical entertainer in the event industry. Whether you are a close-up magician, mentalist or illusionist, you will learn proven strategies to build a brand and position in this industry. J C details scenarios, examples and hard-hitting advice designed to help you succeed in this specialized field.

Click here for more info. US$45 each. The books are also available as a set.

The Complete Illusion Library

Complete Illusion Library Image

This is the complete library of all my published works. This book set comprise of 8 books:

Click here for more info. US$500.
This is currently only available direct from me.



If you are looking for specific illusions and do not want to purchase an entire book, I have also assembled same genre illusions from my books to create different digital illusion plans packages.


  • Only the illusions listed below are available in digital formats
  • The packages are fixed and illusions cannot be ‘mixed & matched’
  • Purchase of the plans does not entitle the buyer access to the Backstage section of this website
  • Digital Plans are only available direct from me

01 Car Appearances

Package #1 – Car Appearances

  • The Phantom Car Appearance
  • Bluff Appearance
  • Light Pillars Production System

Click here for more info. US$75.

Package #2 – Motorcycle Appearances

  • Ultimate Full Throttle

Click here for more info. US$75.

Package #3 – Fan Illusions

  • Revollusion
  • Wind Passage

Click here for more info. US$75.

Package #4 – Metamorphosis

  • Crystal Metamorphosis
  • Fortress

Click here for more info. US$50.

Package #5 – Appearances

  • Benchmark
  • Singular

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #6 – Penetrations

  • Visual Displacement
  • Steel Displacement
  • 6 Inches

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #7 – Box Jumpers

  • Squeezed & Skewered
  • Seven by Half V2.0

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #8 – Base Work

  • Deceptive Base Design & Philosophy
  • Crystal Striptease
  • Light & Space

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #9 – VIP Appearances

  • Backdoor Appearance
  • Simple VIP Production
  • VIP Trunk

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #10 – Illusions with Multiple Girls

  • Fourth Dimensional Exit
  • Ghost Cabinet
  • 12-Girl Cabinet

Click here for more info. US$50.

Package #11 – Unique Penetrations

  • A Walk through the Winery
  • Slicing Through

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #12 – Comedy Illusions

  • The Vanishing ‘Tiger’
  • Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Sweepstakes
  • Twisted Conclusion

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #13 – Inexpensive Illusions

  • Super Saver Delivery
  • Ultimate Victory Cartons
  • Chain Reaction

Click here for more info. US$35.

Package #14 – Classic Sub Trunk

  • ATA Sub Trunk

Click here for more info. US$25.

Package #15 – Box Jumpers 2

  • Multi-vide
  • Wall 2 Wall
  • Dekolta’s Dilemma

Click here for more info. US$35.



As the name implies, this DVD explores approaches in design, presentation, performance and routing of modern illusions. It uses ten stage illusions as examples to highlight different teachings and covers all aspects of performing illusions. The material is contemporary and the presentation/ feel is modern so it is highly relevant to the current performing illusionist. As a big bonus, you are taken behind the scenes to a live mega illusion stunt.

Note: No detailed secrets or building plans are included in the DVD as that is not the focus or objective of the DVD. This is a best-selling critically acclaimed DVD worldwide.

Click here for more info. US$55.

Buy my books/ DVDs HERE and use this Promo Code “5OFF2014” upon Checkout to receive a 5% discount off all books, sets, DVDs, plans & downloads.

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    • Hi Shane, No. Those are proprietary illusions belonging to Andre Kole and Jim Steinmeyer respectively. No plans are available and it will be considered pirating if these props are not built with the consent of the creators. Thanks. J C

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