FAQ on my Illusion Books


I wrote this FAQ to help you make a better informed decision on which of my books to get.

You have quite a few different books? Which one should I get?

Here is a run-down of the books. Each book or type of book was written for a specific illusion genre:


The professional level illusion books are:

  • “Illusionary Departures 2012”
  • “Equilateral 3”
  • “Urban Illusions”.

The “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition” is a compilation of these three books + 25% new material + “Illusionism”.


“Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows” is a collection of material that is highly practical for the working performer and especially the new or part-time illusionist.

“Corporate Illusions Made Easy” features 10 original illusion designs for product & corporate logo reveals, VIP appearances and motivational illusions. This book was written for the working corporate magician or illusionist.

“Simple Showstoppers” is a book of easy illusion projects for magicians. Best of all, each illusion can be built for under $500. It is an excellent introduction to modern grand illusions but also contains inexpensive illusion ideas for experienced illusionists.

“Illusionism” is a specialty e-book on illusions with a mentalism plot currently only available at Lybrary.com. It is also included in the “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition”


“The Event Magician Vol 1 & 2” is not an illusion design book but has been highly regarded as the best book on the subject of building and marketing a stage magic show to the special events industry.

“Beyond the Stage 2012” is a set of lecture notes that does not teach illusion designs but is full of valuable information for the aspiring performer and commercial magician. It is a great introduction to my magic thinking and will benefit magicians of all levels.


As of Nov 2013, there will be a number of combo book sets available:

The Event Magician Set – This set includes both volumes of “The Event Magician”

Specialty Illusions Set – This is a three-in-one book comprising of my specialty illusion books, “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows”, “Corporate Illusions Made Easy” and “Simple Showstoppers”!

The Event Illusionist Set – This is a combo set of books for the stage magician or illusionist who performs for special events. This set comprises of three books:

  • The Event Magician Volume 1
  • The Event Magician Volume 2
  • “Corporate Illusions Made Easy”

The Complete Illusion Library – This set of books includes my entire library of publshed works. This book set comprise of 8 books:

  • Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition (2-Volume Set)
  • The Event Magician Volume 1
  • The Event Magician Volume 2
  • Specialty Illusions (3 books in 1)
  • Beyond the Stage Lecture Notes

If you are looking to buy just one book to see if my material, approach and illusion philosophy is to your liking, I would recommend “Illusionary Departures 2012”. It is the best first book of mine to get if you are undecided. For one, it is my biggest book with 35 illusions & routines for stage thus is the best value for money. It also has a wide variety of illusions, stage acts and presentations that will appeal to a wide group of magicians of all levels. This will be a solid introduction to my brand of illusion thinking.

Which is the most value-for-money book?

The “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition” will be the most value for money in terms of price as it is a compilation of all three of my professional illusion design books into one + 25% new material as well as the “Illusionism” book. It also contains a discussion on creating a mega stunt and my method for the “Impossible 50-storey in 5 seconds” teleportation that I performed live in front of 9,000 people.

In addition, the entire collection has been organized by illusion effect/ genre, making it very easy to find illusions that you want. The books come in two volumes and costs much less than if you buy all the different publications separately.

Are the illusions difficult to build?

The books which contain the easiest to build illusions are “Simple Showstoppers”, “Corporate Illusions Made Easy” and “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Show”.

“Illusionary Departures 2012” are generally easy to intermediate builds.

Most of the illusions in “Equilateral”, “Urban Illusions” and “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition” require an experienced builder who is familiar working with wood and metal.

I’m new to illusions. Which book bests suits me?

I would recommend my “Simple Showstoppers”. These illusions are easy to understand and build. While inexpensive to build, they are presentable even for professional shows. The illusions detailed are also a great introduction to illusion techniques and methods.

You can then consider “Illusionary Departures 2012” as it contains many different kinds of illusions, stage routines and presentations that are also not highly complex. It contains my Approach to Base Work that details my design, philosophy and original building techniques to a modern base. There are also a number of inexpensive illusions that are easy to build.

I’m still undecided which books I want as different ones in different books seem to appeal to me.

You can then consider just ordering the digital plans for the illusions that you want specifically. This would be the most cost effective way, especially, if you know which ones you want. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom illusion plan where I assemble a set based on your specific needs. A custom illusion plan set starts from US$50 and includes 4 – 5 illusions

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